International Training and Work Recruitment Limited (ITWR)

ITWR Limited specialises in international recruitment of medical and other skilled staff to the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, other European countries and Canada.

شركه عالمية مكاتبها في انكلترا ومتخصصه في ايجاد الوظائف في بريطانيا واوروبا لكل الاجانب الراغبين في الهجرة والعمل في مجال الصحه والطب

کاریابی بین المللی واقع در کشور انگلستان، در زمینه اخذ اقامت کاری و دریافت ویزا، آماده ارایه خدمات به فارغ  التحصیلان حوزه سلامت که مایل به مهاجرت به انگلستان وکشورههای اروپایی هستند ،می باشد


ITWR will work on your behalf to apply for jobs in the UK, Ireland, Canada or Europe for which you are qualified.

ITWR requires candidates who have a good standard of English. This is essential for the work which you seek.

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About ITWR

ITWR Limited is a UK company,  its registration number in England is 10473097,


ITWR specialises in international recruitment of skilled workers to the health, social care, IT, engineering and other sectors to the UK, Ireland, Europe and Canada.

The company is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a major City in the north of England, UK. 

Newcastle is the capital of the north of England with two universities and excellent medical hospitals. 



Act Quickly, contact us if you are a Qualified Nurse, studied Nursing at a University or College for at least 3 years.  Better if you have English language test IELTS score 7or higher!

Get In Touch


14-16 Grey Street

Newcastle upon Tyne




Monday to Friday only, phone us on

Phone: (+44) 191 2211 222

Mob: (+44)7393 09 878






Online Assessment: 

Initially, you apply to us through contacting us on our website or on the phone. We will assess whether to take  your application further into our register. As part of this process you may be advised to strengthen parts of your application and CV.  


Your CV (resume) and Covering Letter

We offer to edit your CV document, improving its grammar and its highlighting of relevant skills and experience. We offer a telephone conversation with the Editor, to give you advice and tips for your writing of your Covering Letter.

Why choose ITWR Limited?

ITWR is a UK company, specialising in migration to the UK, Ireland, Europe and Canada. Using the services of a company such as ITWR provides a lawful, professional route to apply for real work opportunities in the these countries.

The company has a UK company registration number, and is physically located in the UK. The company registration number in England is 10473097 (See: It is run by people who have many years’ experience of living and working in the UK.

Medical Doctors from overseas attended training courses organised by ITWR Limited and took place at  Newcastle University.

Medical Students from overseas attended training courses organised by ITWR Limited and took place at  Newcastle University

Preparation for your English language exams (IELTS)

We offer to help you with your preparation for English language tests (IELTS). 

This includes guidance with an experienced and qualified instructor [including over Skype]. 

You will be provided with workbooks and lessons on CDs. 

We can help you locate your nearest test centre and book a test date for you.

Further Language Tests (for doctors)

If you come from outside the UK, we may be able to help you prepare for the General Medical Council’s [GMC] Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board GMC’s PLAB tests. 

Doctors need to achieve a high score of 7.5 on these tests.

After you register with ITWR Limited


  • We supply you a list of the required documents and application forms (the checklist!)
  • We check all your documents and application forms
  • We support you with your study for the IELTS test.
  • We supply you covering letters
  • We submit your applications (if possible)
  • We pay the fees on your behalf (some you might have to pay for them yourself)
  • Support you to obtain the registration number if one is needed(a must for Nurses and Doctors)
  • Support you with your job applications in UK, Europe or Canada.
  • Help you with the interview process and give you a mock interview.
  • Support you with your visa application to the embassy of the UK, other European countries or Canada in your country, after you receive a job offer.
  • We may assist you with “meet and greet” at airport, train station, car hire, hotel bookings and other services, if required (some extra fees apply)

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